UnFaced Crush Launches! Do you have a secret crush?

Is there some person you have "liked" for the past month but been too afraid to ask out? Maybe he or she sits behind you in class, but you don't dare risk getting their number? Or how about a long time friend that you have always secretly had a crush on, but don't want to risk the friendship?

UnFaced now lets you search for and select people that you have a secret crush on. After indicating you have a crush on someone, he/she will be sent an anonymous email notifying them about a secret crush. This person will not know who the crush is. However should this person later chose to select you as crush both people will be immediately notified via email with each other's contact info. If you want to ease the burden you can include an optional clue to help your crush.

Facebook removes info from profiles without permission

In the past week several UnFaced members have informed us that that their UnFaced URL has been removed by Facebook without their knowledge or consent. It appears that Facebook periodically runs a script that sporadically eliminates the UnFaced URL from the "Website" section. If the UnFaced URL is in the Religion or Activities section it seems to be unaffected. I find it amazing the Facebook is going to such extremes as to censoring what websites their members link to. If you have a Facebook censorship story let us know at

On an unrelated note we have some very exciting changes for UnFaced in the works. Check back soon...

What's next

As many of you know, it is now possible to create your own profile. This new addition is just a small stepping stone to a much bigger idea. You can expect to hear more about this in the next couple of weeks. I have also made the decision to move the UnFaced site to a higher end dedicated server due to the recent growth surge. This should improve performance and leave room for expansion. During the switch we expect any downtime to be less than 30 minutes.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at:

Facebook tries to break UnFaced

In Facebook's latest assault against UnFaced, they have banned our server's IP. As a result of this some functionally of our site may be temporarily impaired. We will have a resolution to this issue ASAP.

If you are encountering difficulty with registering, please try again in a few hours.

Facebook's Blacklist

As a lot of you know Facebook now allows anyone to create a Facebook account. This opening of the floodgates meant that when they deleted my account, it was only a matter of hours before I silently created a brand new virgin profile. I even went as far to reestablish my friends and pictures. Well it was deja vu on Tuesday when I tried to login into my seedling of a Facebook account and was greeted by:

I truly find it humorous, if not a little bizarre regarding Facebook's actions. What does FB hope to accomplish by eliminating my personal FB profile? Surely they don't believe this will inspire me to take down At the same it is important to note that UnFaced had no connection to my FB profile. The only way FB was able to link the website to my FB profile was because of the media coverage. Needless to say I have recently created many duplicate Facebook accounts, since it now only takes a minute to register. Some have my real name, some have an alias, and some are just for surveillance purposes.

While skimming the daily barrage of emails, I came across several other people detailing experiences of FB canceling their account or someone they know. In one instance someone's account appeared to be cancelled simply because they operated a competing social networking site. I also came across someone who was banned from FB because they tagged too many people in a single picture. This almost sounds like it was taken directly out of Orwell's 1984 playbook. It would not be that big of leap for Facebook to prohibit students from also being a member of MySpace. After all Google explicitly disallows content publishers from also showing Yahoo Ads. To be fair FB has the right to terminate anyone's account at anytime. However I highly doubt that Facebook eliminating people they don't like will do much for their image.

Here at UnFaced, you can expect some exciting changes coming in the next couple of weeks. We will be implementing many new features that will drastically alter (for the better) the way UnFaced is used. Keep sending your suggestions, feedback and Facebook Horror Stories. Stay tuned.

3400 new members in the last week!

In just the last week over 3400 new members have signed up with UnFaced. I personally want to thank EVERYONE involved in the website's recent growth surge. At the same time I wanted to give you guys a perspective of events from my end.

For starters I have been receiving a bizilllion emails everyday regarding UnFaced (sorry if you have not received a reply yet). These emails have been extremely diverse in topic. A large chunk of the emails are simply people offering their support and asking if they can do anything to help. Some of the more unusual emails I received have been from people interested in purchasing the UnFaced website! I have even gotten several emails from individuals offering to give me their spare college facebook accounts. In the coming days I will try to reply to as many emails as I can.

One of my friends recently brought to my attention that it is essentially impossible to locate any of the UnFaced facebook groups. It appears that facebook (while allowing theses groups) is effectively censoring people from finding them on their own accord. This seems rather 1984ish. I do know that the facebook staff accounts for a sizeable amount of traffic on this website. Therefore if you work for facebook and want to offer an explanation by all means let me know and I will post it.

On a related topic I have received no further "threatening emails" from facebook. Initially facebook had sent me an email essentially stating that if I did not immediately take down they would file a lawsuit against me for violating their TOU and for trademark infringement. In all likelihood facebook has now learned that the Facebook Terms of Use do not carry the same weight as US law. I suspect that facebook has also discovered the Lanham Act which states that trademarks are intended to prevent confusion, not competition.

I'll keep you guys posted on any new developments...


Quicker way to log into UnFaced

A lot of people have been emailing us about the hassle of having to copy/paste their Facebook profile ID to login every time. We just wanted to let you know that it is now possible to login to your UnFaced account by typing your first and last name without a space. For example Joe Bob would type: "JoeBob". If you have a number in your UnFaced URL such as you would type "JoeBob3". Please keep the suggestions flowing by emailing We may not be able to reply to every email, but we will definitely read it.

UnFaced on Fox7 News

Facebook's reaction to UnFaced

Now on Facebook's radar screen... As a result of the recent news publicity, Facebook went ahead and cancelled MY personal Facebook account LOL. I am not entirely sure what their logic is here. They even promised to give me back my Facebook account if I shut down UnFaced! Which if you know me, is not going to happen. It is really unfortunate that Facebook views UnFaced as a threat. I am confident that that there is potential for a mutually beneficial relationship, if Facebook is just willing to have a normal conversation with me not filled with legal threats.

We want to ask UnFaced users to bear with us as we adjust to this crazy expoential growth. I can assure you that we are well aware, that we need to work on improving privacy features. Just recently we added the ability to remove your profile from being rated. We are defintely playing catch up on improving the interface and features that people have suggested since the media attention. If you have any suggestions or questions contact us at

Anyways if someone is bored and wants to start up one of those nifty Facebook (official petition) groups entitled something like: "Bring John Arrow Back to Facebook", or maybe "Facebook isn't Facebook without John Arrow" or whatever, that would be awesome.

If you want to contact me directly, just send an email to